I’m Danielle Bullon: a wife, a mommy to a sweet baby boy, and a best friend to a fluffy white puppy! Oh, and I got lucky enough to live creatively as an event planner and designer.

I was never the kid that had an answer to “what do you want to be when you grow up”. As I entered college, I still didn’t have a clear cutview of my career path. So I decided to major in Health Administration, safe and stable. Then I decided to continue racking up my school loans and went after my MBA in General Management (again, safe and stable). I knew that I wanted to be in business so why not in healthcare. My entire family is in the healthcare industry so it made perfect sense. I eventually got a job at a HUGE healthcare system and told myself I was going to find growth, fulfillment and great benefits!

Three years went by and I found myself with no direction or goals. I decided to reassess my life… this began with red wine and coffee ice cream… but soon ended up with a cry sesh on my hubby’s shoulder while holding the puppy for support. I realized that I had no passion in what I was doing and I knew that I had to find it.

After roughly two seconds, I knew exactly what I wanted to be and what I needed to do.




Our family is packed with diversity, creativity, talent, innovation, education, passion and above all family love. Anyone can plan and design an event, but it takes a special group to create something with emotion and passion that will last for memories to come. Just know that we come as a package deal! And don’t worry, that just means you get to become part of our family. Get ready for some laughs!