So glad you're here! 

We wanted to start off by telling you guys a little bit about ourselves and who we are as a team. Blush & Bloom Events consists of two sisters and a baby cousin (even though he is taller than both of us). We each bring something unique to the table, so we're pretty much unstoppable. Danielle, having her masters in business administration, came up with the marvelous idea of creating an event business over wine and ice-cream - typically when all the good ideas occur 'em I right? Although her path was stable, she knew she was meant to do something else. Planning events has always been her forte. Every family gathering, birthday party, Thanksgiving, and Christmas were meticulously crafted by her thoughts (with a little help from Pinterest) and brought to life. Her heart and soul was made for this - this is her calling. 

Since everyone needs a go to, a right hand, a best friend, that's where Jacquelyn and Seth step in!

Jacquelyn is considered the "baby" of the family even though she is tough as nails! Currently her mission is to finish nursing school and start her life with her new fiance within the next year. Seth not only has his degree in Fashion Design and Business Management, but he's also a successful photographer (sethandkaiti.com) with an eye for capturing beauty in everything. These two bring creativity, design, and a little bit of sparkle!

Our team is packed with diversity, creativity, talent, innovation, education and above all,  family love. Anyone can plan and design an event, but it takes a special group to create something with emotion and passion that will last forever.






+ Family centered

+ Dog lovers 

+ Coffee drinkers

+ Disney quoters

+ Lovers of love